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KIOSK is our remote trading post.  There you are, doing your own thing, the wilderness pioneer.  Perhaps you really are the centrifugal force of the family dynamic. 

But sometimes there is the need to check in as your creative self, s­wap stories, share ideas, trade in the crafted and collected.

Your MAMhouss KIOSK provides you with a place to pick up something to sustain you as you go about changing the world in your way.

So, since you’re passing, drop something off which will provide the next visitor with something to think about, something to make them smile or something to spark up a discussion.

Let’s talk for a minute about what nourishes you, show us your high art, low art, design, cutting out, performance, poetry and doodles. 

It’s our remote trading post, we look forward to running into you


MAMhouss arose out of the acknowledgement of the ‘grazing’ approach to practice needed whilst looking after kids (you’d like to eat the full 3 courses but really you only have time for a snack on the go).

Kiosk’s roots started in a conversation about  the merits of a collaborative residency at the Bauhaus, with children in tow.

Experimental in nature, the KIOSK becomes a meeting point- a tangible trig point on the horizon of collaborative practice.  Send us something, build a kiosk, trade out of your own pop up tent, maybe you made a song about an ice cream – we’d love to share it!

KIOSK is an experimental collaborative project brought to you by the letters  K C   J  F & D

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